Monday, 11 November 2013

Gift ideas part 1.

With the dreaded "c" word fast approaching and it now being an unavoidable reality I thought I would share some gift ideas with you.  I am one of those get in early and get it done types of people although you will still find me racing around like a blue ass fly on chrissy eve getting a last minute pressie and wrapping the stuff that has been sitting there for ages!!  Although this year I am way ahead and have pretty much got 80% of the stuff and just need 5 minutes to do a little online shopping!!

0-3 year olds 

Munchkin  Foam Bath Learning Toy Pack for Boys - 60 pieces foam shapes for the bath.  Yes it is annoying as hell packing them all up but they provide hours of fun and they are generally cheap as chips.  Santa is bringing some new ones for us as the ones we have have pretty much had it.  They have lasted a year and seen some serious bathtime action!!

this would have to be one of the most used and unbreakable things we have!!

 books, books, books.  We have a tonne of books already but you can bet I have read each one we have a million times or more!! A new book always goes down well!!

 dvds are great too.  So many options!!  I love introducing my kids to movies I loved as a kid.

 hours of fun for the kids and hours of packing away for the parent!!  It is one thing my kids will sit still and play quietly with!!

 old school toys are awesome too!!  Santa is bringing Speedy one of these!!

 When in doubt ASK!!  I don't have a lot in this age group to buy for but I do double check for birthdays and Christmas if there is anything the child needs or that the parent wants.  I have very strict limits on how much I spend and do not go over.

I hope this is helpful, I have seen people saying they have no idea what to get as presents.  These are just some little ideas that we have been given or I got that were awesome.  Tomorrow I have some more ideas for everyone else!!  Sometimes the simplest things are the best

Lastly, I am trying to pull together a little online party in December.  Stay tuned for details!!

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  1. Great ideas! I miss sharing Charlotte's Web and Mary Poppins with my lot. My teenage daughter did like Ghost though. Lego was always found in the strangest of places :)

  2. I had the reality check on the weekend when I started noticing the Christmas Decorations up in the stores. Didn't we just do Easter?

  3. Those foam shapes are great for the bath, thanks for the awesome reminder. Bath books are great too, my kids have always loved them. All fantastic pressie ideas Ann :)
    I am the last minute christmas buyer, I will never learn.


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