Friday, 22 November 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- Cicadas

Friday again.  The weeks are flying by at the moment.  Baby Speedy is 16 weeks young today.  Where that went I will never know.  Time for the weekly recap/round up of the bad and good that went down around here this week.


Nearly 2 hours on the computer and a 12 minute international phonecall to try and order something for family overseas.  Turns out the shop/company does not deliver to where I need it sent even thought there is a shop where they live.  One last ditched attempt tonight and I will have to rethink  my genius idea.

The stuff I ordered from the preschool toy catalogue arrived this week, missing a few key items which were out of stock  At least the stuff arrived in plain boxes not like others I have heard of from major stores where the items are clearly visible.  Plus I paid a little extra and got the stuff delivered to my house, there are some pretty excited preschool kids looking at the stuff sitting in the foyer.  Good luck to the parents trying to sneak it out without the kids seeing.

I was going to the big shops then I changed my mind as shopping with kids is a form of torture and now I really do have to go.

For the last few weeks all my kids have talked about is cicadas. It is bordering on obsession.  I am pretty much jack of it and have threatened death to the next person who mentions the word.

Although it was quite cute when the nearly 3 year old went out and shushed the cicadas as his brother was trying to sleep.

Operation GTFTB was an epic fail this week.  I have pretty much had jack of that as well.

Shiraz the cat went missing again thanks to being let out by the kids.  2 nights later she showed up.  Cue more yelling for shiraz.  I don't even drink red wine!!

Facebook is giving me the irrits too.  Are people really as stupid and rude as they come across (not on my page though, you guys rock!!).  Never before have I wanted to slap people as much as I have in the last week.

Lastly to the old lady who commented at the shops, "you have 3 boys oh well it doesn't matter" kiss my ass.  Unless she mixed me up with someone else who was hoping for a girl then seriously that was just rude.


We took the kids to the movies on Sunday.  Booked our tickets online this time!!  Got a parking spot right out the front, ate a tonne of popcorn, choc tops, drank a bucket of coke.  Good times.

Right next to the movies was a place that made gozleme.  Knocked back one when we came out!!

The kids sat through the entire movie with only 1 seat change and just a little talking.

22 days until Bon Jovi.  Just a tad excited there!!

155 days until I hit the cocktail bar in the pool in Fiji.  Just thought I would start a new countdown!!

Linking up for the weekly whinge with Dear Baby G and for Things I Know with Miss Cinders.


  1. Cicada xx
    sounds like a pretty good week really

  2. Wow that lady is totally rude. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way

  3. Why is it that people seem so hell bent on talking about how many girsl/boys one has?
    I have 5 boys & 2 girls and I'm actually pretty stoked that it isnt the other way round!
    I'd love to see Bon Jovi!!!

  4. What's wrong with having three sons?? I've got three boys as well and as far as I can tell it's a bit easier than having three hormonal girls going through puberty. And when the time's right the boys bring girls home and you get to keep some. Last week I went out with my husband and two of the girls but none of my sons. It's the best of both worlds.

  5. Hahaha! Bugger you and your Bon Jovi countdown! I am soooo damn jealous!!!

    Thanks for the morning giggle! I've told many many people in my head to kiss my ass when they've asked me do I own a TV. I ended up one day saying "Yep, we own six!". I think they thought I was rude answering like that, they were bloody rude saying what they did!

    Have an awesome week chicky!

    MC xo

  6. asked for that one ;) hee hee
    Good thing I don't live near you, I'd be outside replying "Go to bed you wino" to you calling Shiraz :)
    I think it's wonderful you have three beautiful boys. Bon Jovi and Fiji! jealous much!


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