Friday, 15 August 2014

Things I Know #20- Uh Huh

I do not know a lot this week.

It could not be anymore same old same old around here if it tried!!

Mega boring!!

Next week however is another story.  More extra curricular activities.  Exciting times.  No I am not being sarcastic there!!

My brain is now in mega organisation mode trying to work out and plan the best way to attack it.

I know the deaths of two screen legends this week have truly saddened me.  Why is it we only hear great quotes and stories once people have died??  For example did you know it was Lauren Bacall who gave the "rat pack"their name??

I watched Mrs Doubtfire the other night for the millionth time and still laughed my head off.  I am hoping the tv stations jump on the bandwagon more and keep up the Robin Williams movies.  One of the best ones ever is One Hour Photo.  I think I will add Aladdin to the list of dvds to hire for the kids.

In other news the tv stations are on my hit list again.  Channel 10 in particular this week.  We sat down to watch 24-Live Another Day the other night.  I have them all recorded so we can watch without ads and can watch more than one at a time.  All was going well until we got to the nearly last episode.  Bloody Masterchef had started then and even though it is completely pre recorded it ran over by 16 minutes meaning we lost 16 minutes of 24.  If you watch 24 you will know that while all of the episode is full of drama and twists generally the last 10 minutes is the kicker.

Luckily they recap at the start of an episode so we had a rough idea of what had happened.  We have two episodes to go and I am counting my lucky stars I taped the show after the last episode so hopefully we will at least see that one in its entirety.

I dipped out on exercise this week thanks to the HOTH being away for one of my nights and the lady who runs it being sick the next night.  I never thought I would say it but I missed it.  I actually like it.  Yes the world has gone topsy turvy!!

That is about all I know this week.  If anyone has some time management tips feel free to share them!!


  1. My pet hate is those random start times - we stopped watching shows on channel 10 and just get the DVD when it comes out because of constantly missing the last 5 mins of Law & Order...did he go to jail? Who knows...argh!

  2. Yep, the random start times drive me insane too. As well as suddenly changing the time for your favourite show (that you tape because it's too late to stay up to watch). It's not just channel 10 - happens on 7 and 9 too.

  3. What do TV Stations do that! Very annoying.

    Good luck with the busy week ahead :)

    What sort of time management do you need? Planning?

  4. I do love that quote by Robin Williams. It's truly special, and brings me to tears. I watched Mrs Doubtfire this week too, such a top movie.

  5. All of the channels are getting worse with the going over time. It used to be a couple of minutes but now it's can be up to 15 minutes! It's annoying when you want to watch something on ABC who always start dead on time!

  6. i commented here i know but must of pressed something else as its not showing! i'm so glad you mentioned Lauren Bacall not that it is more important or less important than Robin Williams just cos she was brilliant too. I'm on the TV bandwagon too but because they are all looking for ratings by doing Robin Williams tributes! shame. although i did watch some of mrs doubtfire and loved seeing some mork and mindy yesterday. i am waiting patiently for good morning vietnam!

  7. I've been trying to get to pilates the last couple of weeks, on a Thursday night. Just don't seem to be organised enough at that time to get myself out of the house! Maybe it's a sign I don't need to exercise anyway, wishful thinking lol.
    It is a shame that we only realise how awesome people really are after they are gone.


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