Friday, 8 August 2014

Things I Know #19- Still Here

Hello there!! I cannot believe it has been a week since I last did wrote some kind of claptrap. How I am missing blogging.

I am still here trying to find a new groove. Just when I think things might be simmering down there is another twist in the tale and I am back to square one.

I really do not know too much this week.  But here is a brief rundown-

  • The baby had a horrible first birthday.  He had a cold and was teething.  Poor little thing screamed the house down on Saturday night.  
  • We will be having a birthday redo this week with cake and candles.
  • There is so much snot in this house if I have to wipe anther nose I will lose it!!
  • The new printer I brought a few weeks ago turned out to be faulty.  Which I discovered when I finally plugged it in on Tuesday.  Which meant an emergency dash to stinking office works to get a replacement one.  Luckily I found the receipt.  
  • I truly believe that if you can't be polite to customers it is probably best to not have a customer service job.
  • In more exciting news we are heading away to visit good friends who moved away.  Finally.  I am so excited.  Bring on 6 weeks from now!!
  • I have had another major tanty this week after it had been proven I cannot have 5 minutes to have a hobby ie blogging.  The shits have been well and truly cracked and I am taking a stand.  All work and no play makes Ann something something!!

Please tell me you know something more than me!!


  1. I hear you on the tanti when you never get a moment to yourself...or when you do something nice (like all go to a movie then dinner and then the kids ruin it by fighting - and you've just spent a million bucks on the activity!)

  2. Sounds like you need that holiday. I hope the next six weeks flies.

  3. Oh no - I hope the snot fairies leave soon.
    I'm totally with you re the customer service thing - if you don't want to serve people and help them with whatever is wrong, don't work in customer service - it's called Customer Service for a reason people !!!!
    YAY for a holiday to look forward to - more especially because you get to catch up with good friends - good friends and a holiday - a hard combination to beat.
    Have the best weekend !
    Me xox

  4. Given your little man had such a shit first birthday I totally get it if you want to bypass my birthday post! I was a total nazi trying to avoid sickness in the lead up to her party, of course we are snot central here now but thankgod it held off for her party. I hope he enjoyed his toy at least :)

  5. Oh dear what a week! I hope this one is better.

  6. I totally hear you on the tantrum. Sometimes when it all gets too much, it's truly the only way we can show our feelings and make ourselves feel better.


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