Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Things that are making me go hmmm, Song of the day #10

The Lounge girls are talking about things that make you go hmmmm this Thursday and I am joining in with a very brief point form of all the things this week that have given me the irrits.

  • No time for blogging.
  • No time for anything remotely fun.
  • Teething toddlers.
  • Teething toddles who are well into the "terrible twos" when they are not even two.
  • Experts who do not acknowledge the terrible twos.
  • Older children who antagonise the child who is "terrible"
  • Older children who do not listen or do what they are told.
  • Older children who do not go to bed until late every night then complain they are tired the next day then repeat this behaviour for weeks on end.
  • Older children who cost me money last week at the auto electrician as someone shoved 5 cent coins into the cigarette lighter which shorted something out and meant my lights and clock and mirrors were not working.
  • Socks which do not match.
  • Big name shops (tarjay, big dud and best and very less) who are refusing to stock kids cossies and have a limited range of school clothes.  
  • Big name shops who forced me to trek around a shopping centre on Sunday trying to track down the elusive items.  Had the stupid shops had what I was after I probably would have spent more money with them as I would have been relaxed and non stressed instead I walked out with virtually nothing.
  • Harmony Day- how about we all just live and let live, be polite and courteous and not pretend that every single person is our friend??   I could really go on about this one but I won't!!
  • Losing one of my thongs (flip flops) down a drain yesterday.
I think that is enough for one post!!  I now feel slightly relieved after brain dumping!!

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  1. From the look of this list I'd say that 99.9% of your problems are caused by the kids. Don't worry - it's only temporary. (Says she whose kids are still at home 26 years later)

  2. Argh - I'm with you on the kids who refuse to go to bed then complain the next day that they are tired and repeat it over and over!!! #IBOT

  3. We are coming into the first stages of teething - last time I had to deal with it it was five years ago - so not looking forward to it!!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  4. Yes to most of this (I don't have a 2 year old anymore but I am still scarred by the experience I think). Oh and for future reference, Best and Less have the uniform shop online so you can shop from the comfort of your own home :)

  5. I like your brain dump, and feel your pain. Especially the kids staying awake then being grumpy the next day. that drives me nuts!


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