Friday, 27 March 2015

Things I Know #53 Song of the day #21- Kiss

After a bit of a heart starter including a non activated credit card which had been activated and wasn't working, tickets were booked to see KISS in October.  Woohoo!!

I don't think I am the worlds biggest KISS fan but it should be an awesome show!!  We have pretty good seats too thanks to my ticket buying awesomeness!!

Other than that it hasn't been too bad a week.

Two birthdays in two days here, I now have a six year old in the house which blows me away.  I was spoilt with some lovely pressies, then went to my workout with friends which included a punishing half hour of boxing then wine and cupcakes!!  Due to this smasher of a workout I am unable to move my legs, yes legs not arms, so the last couple of days has been very very interesting!!

Thankfully that is it for birthdays in this house for a few months!!

Soccer is starting again this week.  I have no doubt if I see one of these  
I will lose it and laugh uncontrollably.  Hopefully for the next few weeks the weather should be quite pleasant and actually enjoyable watching on the sidelines.

Speaking of weather we are well and truly into autumn now.  Such lovely warm days and then much cooler nights, just the way I like it!!

Have a good one guys!!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy but happy week. Love the Mother Forklift quote... damn autocorrect, gets me all the time. I gave my friend a big "cybercrime hug" instead of a cyber hug the other day... LOL Happy weekend!

  2. Kiss had the right idea with all that make up. No matter how old they get they will always look the same - unlike the Rolling Stones.

    I'm so envious of your soccer mum status. I really miss those days.

  3. Can you ever go wrong with Kiss! And love that minion meme- so ducking true!

  4. I don't know much of their music but I do imagine KISS will be extremely entertaining to watch on stage! It's always great to have such a fun thing to look forward to on the calender x

  5. Exciting - I've just had conformation that my tickets to see Pop Will Eat Itself are in the post! Auto correct is the bane of my life.

  6. Ah those were the days - I still remember wearing my KISS t-shirt with pride.

  7. Sounds like a great birthday celebration! :)


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