Friday, 13 March 2015

Things I Know #51- Song of the day #6

Same old same old around here again this week!!

We have survived another week.

The countdown is on for school holidays!!  We have all hit a wall and could do with a few days of nothing!!

I am looking forward to Sunday, I am off to the movies to see Home with the 4 year old.  It will be nice to just be the two of us.


  1. I love doing stuff with just one child - it's important, if you can manage it. It gives them attention and private time, and it's amazing what comes out sometimes...

  2. Love the manure quote! Yes, I would like the holidays to be here right now too!

  3. I know something. The dog in that clip is not a golden retriever. Maybe a bernese mountain dog?

  4. What its school holidays again soon? I never know when they are any more. I usually still do 40 in the school zone during the holidays because I'm oblivious.

  5. Lol...the dog and the lemon clip was too funny! :D Ah school holidays...I can't wait either. Not because I have kids but because the roads are so much nicer without traffic!

  6. Hahaha, that golden retriever is priceless!


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