Monday, 9 December 2013

Rocky road

Normally at this time of year I would be busting out my you beaut chocolate truffles however this year I simply do no have time for anything like that unfortunately.  It is take a plate to preschool on Wednesday and I decided to make rocky road as it is so simple!!  So simple I cannot believe I have never made it before!!

I made a test batch yesterday and used 375g choc melts, about 8 arrowroot biscuits, about 15 marshmallows cut in half and a few raspberry lollies also cut in half.  While the chocolate was melting in a bowl over a pot of water I chopped the marshmallows and lollies and broke up the biscuits then mixed it together and spread it in a lined pan.  A couple of hours in the fridge and it was good to go.  I think it has made enough for a "plate".  I will chop it up into smallish pieces so it goes a little further.

Seriously tasty and easy!!  I made it nut free but the variations on this are endless, there isn't much you couldn't put in it.

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  1. Ha! Yum, I tried to start an 'I have a wedding in two weeks and hosting christmas' diet today.! Raspberry lollies sound pretty good in it :)

  2. I've had to stop making it because I tend to eat the whole batch myself. My favourite version has toasted slivered almonds in it - yum!!

  3. Despite being time poor, this looks terrific. I shall share on FB and Twitter. Thanks so much for joining in and Merry Christmas.

  4. ahh good idea. i need a plate of something - i was just wondering what to take. Yes i love the fact that there is so many things you can substitute or put in too xx


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