Friday, 6 December 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- Gastro


One word for the last week and a bit- GASTRO

This unfortunate episode started 2 Sunday mornings ago with the 4 year old who decided to vomit everywhere (poor thing) and ended with me being sick for pretty much a whole week.

I can now tick gastro from my bucket list and hope like hell i never get it again.

I am now behind in everything Christmas and housework related and will have to spend the weekend catching up.

In other annoying stuff I had to go to the bank a couple of towns over and have been putting it off.  I went yesterday and what a freaking nightmare.  Seriously.  No parking, people everywhere.  Get a grip people its Christmas not the end of the world.

I have decided to announce when I will be leaving the house so the roads and car parks and shops can be cleared for me to go about my business without having to deal with all the crap that goes along.

Also I posted some stuff overseas.  Lets just say it would have been cheaper to buy a ticket an fly over and deliver it myself.

Thats about it for the bad, I have been so sick and have not had the chance to have stuff annoy me.


Bon Jovi in 8 days.  I am trying so hard to not get over excited!!

No one else in the house got sick.  Also if I had to be sick I am glad it was last week and not next week.

It beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  We/ the kids decorated the tree on Sunday.  I have had some cards in the mail.  Thanks Mums Take Five for the card and glitter!!

That really is about it this week.  If anyone needs me I will be up to my eyeballs in washing, cleaning products and stealth present wrapping.

Linking up this gastro edition of FFS Friday with Dear Baby G and Things I Know with Miss Cinders.


  1. Oh you poor thing, gastro is the worst. Glad you're feeling better now xx

  2. Eww gastro! It's a horrible, deceptive illness. You feel like you're going to die but while you're ejecting all the contents of your intestines from both ends you tell yourself that at least you're losing a bit of weight. And you do but only for a couple of days till you rehydrate and realise that there was no permanent benefit to all that pain and suffering.

  3. Oh no, well glad it's over, I would now be on the look out for chicken pox, sorry had to put it out there, another of those horrid summer illnesses that kids get. Brittany got it so bad they thought she had small pox, she was in and out of consciousness. Scary! xxx

  4. Is it bad that I giggled at your vent?

    Just keep thinking EIGHT DAYS until hotness on stage!!!

    I totally understand the whole traveling to the bank thing. WHY don't they open branches in all of the towns?! It annoys me no end I have to travel an hour and a half to big town if I need to go into my bank. They used to have a branch of my bank here in our town but it closed for some reason. Stoopid bank :(

    EIGHT DAYS!!!!!!

    MC xo
    #thingsiknow #thechickthatstotallyjealousofthebonjovigiggoingirl

    P.S. I just noticed your comment disclosure thingy for the first time. Hahahaha *snort*!! I'm so glad someone else replies via telepathy too!! lol

  5. OMG!! You are going to see Bon Jovi!!! How jealous am I???? Oh that would be awesome!!
    Enjoy that experience!!
    Ewww gastro would have to be one of my worst nightmares!!
    With 2 adults and 7 children in my house it's something I don't want visiting anytime soon.
    Pleased to hear that it has left your residence!!


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