Friday 13 December 2013



There has been no time for anything this week.  I have no idea where the days have disappeared to.  I have not even managed anything productive.  I still have a tonne of housework plus all the Christmas stuff left from last week.  I have presents stashed everywhere which no doubt someone who shouldn't is going to stumble across!!

I have 2 dogs who are free to a good home.  Their food stealing tally this week includes 2 advent calenders (which I got for $1 each and then had to go out and buy expensive ones to replace them) a bag of Christmas presents from playgroup which included bags of lollies, a bunch of bananas, half a loaf of bread and 2 bread rolls which I was saving for my lunch.

The entire worlds postal system is loopy, the poor parcel delivery lady is at my house every day with parcels which were posted at the same time and are turning up all over the shop.  Still waiting on  couple of things which hopefully will turn up soon.

Still on the Christmas theme I need a few more things and have no time or motivation to go and get them!!

At least Chrisy day is sorted for us although world war 3 may be on again like last year when our plans/lack of are known by everyone.

Facebook is still giving me the shites.

4 month needles.  Enough said.


Did I mention there is 1 MORE SLEEP UNTIL BON JOVI.

Although the logistics of getting the 5 of us out of the house for 1 night is a freaking nightmare!!

It will be lovely to have a night out tomorrow with the HOTH.  The first in nearly a year!!

I have been dared to chuck some undies at JBJ.  Could be funny!!

I had a lovely dinner out last night with some lovely mums from mums group.  It was nice to get frocked up for a night.  Although it turns out Speedy hammered the HOTH and never went to bed until after 10pm.  I may not be allowed out again!!  Also next time I go out it might be a good idea to remember to change my shoes and not wear my scabby thongs!!

I think thats about it for the week.time once again is not on my side.  I will be back next week with a full Bon Jovi report!!

Linking up with the delightful Rhianna as I am thankful for my 2 nights out in a week!!,  Dear Baby G for the weekly whine, The Miss Cinders for the fact I know there is 1 SLEEP UNTIL BON JOVI and for the last time this year as I have finally remembered and am linking up with the awesome ladies at The Lounge which is over at Robomum this week!!

I will catch up on all my blog reading over the weekend in between going to Bon Jovi!!


  1. Enjoy Bon Jovi, you can't trust dogs they will eat anything xxxx

  2. Good luck with the undie toss. I hope you're not too far back or you'll need a really good arm to stop them from landing on another concert-goer's head.

  3. I hope you had an awesome time at Bon Jovi! My neighbour went earlier in the week, so jealous!

  4. Everyone I know went to Bon Jovi! Hope you had a fantastic time! Robo X

  5. Two nights out in the one week! How lucky are you. Sorry for taking so long to stop by, it has just been all go here. So glad that you enjoyed Bon Jovi


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