Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday- Hearing test

Number 2, 1 day old 2011

Speedy, 8 hours old 2013

Number 1, 11 days old from memory!!  Stupid camera did not record the date  2009

Teapots and Tractors thank you so much for getting my blog to work again!!

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  1. So nice to see the pictures - we all know we're too tired post-baby to remember such things in detail. Thank god for cameras!

  2. I wonder if we all take this shot? hehe. I've always said it looks like there being sweetly serenaded to their very first tunes! Gorgeous.

  3. They are all adorable and it's such a great screening test. My friend's little boy was picked up early profoundly deaf - I think they said he got his first cochlear at 3m 9he has bilateral cochlear implants9 and it doing fabulously in a mainstream class.

  4. Look at those gorgeous little men xx

  5. Aren't those hearing tests just gorgeous, almost had a wee tear thinking about my three having them!!! You are doing a great job Ann - promise, hang in there - it totally gets easier xxx Em

  6. Aww, gorgeous boys, how cute. Geez, number two and speedy look alike. So glad to hear your blog is working again for you xx


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