Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bows and Buffaloes

Today I thought I would share a little something that could possibly get me into a little bit of trouble on the home front!!  See that gorgeous dress, it may or may not be on its way to my place!!  To the HOTH I apologise!!  Although if you are too tight to spring for a $12 million diamond like KK got off Kayne as a push present then what do you expect!!

Nothing made me happier than finding out one of my friends had taken the plunge and done something completely awesome and opened her own business.  Quite frankly this chick was born to do this.  I have known Renee for a bloody long time and she is always dressed to the nines in something cool.  Slightly different to me in my mummiform of trackies in winter and cargo shorts and tops in summer!!

I admit a lot of what she has on offer is not stuff I can pull off as I am not young or slim anymore but she is doing what a lot of businesses do not do and that is listen to her customers.  As a result she is getting in a lot of "plus sizes" and things to suit a wide range of people.  If you are after something in particular just ask her and she will see what she can do!!  I am loving having a personal shopper, I have put in a request for some loose tops and maxi skirts.

I have found my wardrobe to be limited thanks to breast feeding and having a delightful "mummy tummy".  In fact I am in the middle of sorting out my wardrobe which I have not done for ages and getting rid of heaps of stuff.  I have quite a few maxi dresses as I love them but with the "festive" season just around the corner it does not hurt to have more.  Yes I am totally trying to justify my recent and future purchases!!  While I won't be out of the mummiform anytime soon I love having a few nice options.  Now I just need some cute summer shoes and I am all set!!  Although not an easy task with fat, wide feet!!

If you like cute, trendy clothes please pop over and visit Bows and Buffaloes on facebook and have a peek at what else there is!!

In no way was I asked to do this post.  I just wanted to show you all something that made me smile and also a little inspired.  I know a couple of other entrepreneurs who I will also tell you about in the coming weeks. Just because I want to!!  I love a good news story and do not have a problem sharing things like this on my blog.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like a lovely cool dress - just what you need for summer !!
    Have the best day !

  2. Ann, I love your new addition (Harry too, but I mean the dress this time), and I'm sure she'll be very happy in her new home x

  3. I hear you on the breastfeeding. I can't do dresses at the moment. Hoping by summer I will be down to just a morning and night feed, and I can get back to dresses. Yours looks great.

  4. I really love that dress, definitely something I would wear (and buy). I'm going to take a look at Bows and Buffaloes right now! ;)

  5. I think you'll look lovely in that dress Ann. Will head over for a look - love a good personal recommendation for shopping. PS I'm still buying myself push presents 4 years later!

  6. Go you, I think everyone needs a plug, esp friends! I hope you and babes are doing well :) Em - Have A Laugh x

  7. I hated breastfeeding for the limited clothing options!
    But you do need to have pretty things. New mummas deserve to feel gorgeous

  8. Gorgeous dress - I bet you get lots of wear out of it!


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