Monday, 16 September 2013

More Monday Music!!

A very quick Monday post from me as for the first time in weeks I have 3 sleeping children and a spare 2 minutes to do a little blogging!!

Life is still crazy busy and I am enjoying the challenge although I am hanging out for a spare 5 minutes to do something other than change nappies etc!!

Linking up these songs that got us home from swimming this morning ( I love it when the radio plays some cool songs in a row) with One Mother Hen for Open Slather.  The first 3 are some of my faves and I don't mind the Miley one (don't hate me its just the teeny bopper coming out in me!!).

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  1. Isn't it awesome when you get a run of awesome songs in the car, and you're actually sitting down in one spot to enjoy them! I don't mind the Miley one, and I remember chumbawamba from my younger days. I remember it was the most played song on the jukebox at the pub!
    Lucky you having all three asleep at once! Go you xx I hope you got time to have a lay down too :)


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