Friday, 19 April 2013

FFS Friday- sickness and stuff

It has been a long few weeks here.  FFS

I have been on 2 lots of antibiotics.  FFS

The first lot was for an infected arm where the doctor had injected the flu shot.  FFS

The second was 10 days later for infected sinuses.  FFS

I have not read a FFS Friday post in weeks.  FFS

Luckily now I am feeling better, although I have weeks worth of FFS stored in my brain but no time to get it all out.  FFS

I will just start with this weeks.
  • GTFTB- after months of tormenting me the darling sweet children are begging to go to bed at 7pm and are both back to having day sleeps.  FFS
  • School holidays week 1.  85% of the time has been spent fighting, the remainder playing beautifully together.  FFS
  • Another week to go.  FFS
  • I spent an hour on the phone chasing up where the HOTH's Stone Music Festival ticket was.  Not an easy mission but it is now here.  Poor form to the organisers who only posted the tickets out on Wednesday.  I am insanely jealous as he will be seeing some awesome bands including Aerosmith and Van Halen.  FFS
  • I had a slight meltdown this week when I realised there is 12-15 weeks before another little angelic cherub joins our family.  FFS sort of!! (in 12 weeks I will be 37 weeks which is considered "full term")
Thats it for this weeks whine.  Linking up with Dear Baby G for a short whinge!!


  1. Pregnant, sick AND school holidays - that's so much FFS! Hope you're starting to feel better x

  2. Oh dear that sounds so much like me this time last year.
    It doesnt make it any better for you though sorry :)
    Nearly there.. that doesnt help either does it ffs sorry


  3. I'm so sorry you have been sick, Ann. Being sick with kids is like adding insult to injury!

  4. I hope you are feeling better this week and the kids do less fighting for you! And why do hubbys get to do all the good stuff! xx

  5. Argh, sinus infections are torture. Especially while pregnant. If only you could knock yourself out with a booze chaser to your anti biotics. Super Mum, I hope you're feeling better! xx


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