Monday, 15 April 2013

5 things for me

Love this idea by Leigh at six by the bay about a list of 5 things just for you to do for yourself in the week.

Here are my five things
  1. First and foremost get myself back to 100% without the need for anymore antibiotics.  It has been a horrendous couple of weeks here with 3 out of 4 of us on antibiotics.  Only the baby seems to have escaped, even the HOTH who never gets sick was struck down.  I was on the mend but seem to have infected sinuses again.  Fun not. 
  2. Suss out a new phone as mine is well and truly buggered.  A phone is a total luxury so I am after a cheapy.  I have the latest catalogue from the post office so all I have to do is a little research!!
  3. Buy a usb stick and sort out some photos to print.  Its probably about time I put some of our family photos in my "family" photo frame!!
  4. Read.  The last couple of weeks have seen a return to the beautiful things known as day sleeps and normal 730pm bedtimes.  No excuses now!!
  5. Organise curtains for the boys room asap!!  Now we have no more daylight savings the boys room which gets the full morning sun is bright at 6am even with a blind as the sun gets in at the sides.  Also while I am at it a little decorating in there too!!  If I have time I will also procrastinate on what to do in jellybeans room.  Do I wait to see if Jellybean is Arthur or Martha or do I neutral decorate??!!
Linking up for open slather One Mother Hen for the first time in weeks!! 


  1. I hope you're feeling better this week, infected sinuses doesn't sound like fun. You can get continuous blockout curtains at Spotlight(just buy by the metre) all ready to go if you are handy on the sewing machine to side and bottom hem them, if not get the iron on stuff to hem them. I would get the decorating out the way soon, go neutral and get things later for girl/boy. You might not get time later! xx

  2. Hope you get back to health soon - nothing worse that feeling like crapola and trying to get on with things.

  3. Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! Thanks so much for linking up!! Enjoy your week xxx

  4. I hope you start to feel better soon Ann. I always seem to get sick as the weather changes. The 7:30 bedtime is the best.


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