Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A mixed bag

Todays post is brought to you yet again by the geniuses behind Sesame Street and the fact that yesterday I had the shocking revelation that I still have a few more Sesame street watching years ahead of me.  Thank goodness the episodes keep getting funnier!!

Saturday night I was home alone (sort of, the HOTH was out and the kids were in bed early!!) and I finally got to pick up a book and read.  Read I did until my eyes hurt and it was way past bedtime!!  I loved it.  I am now 1 1/3 books through the 13/13 challenge.  Hooray for me!!

That is about it for me today, I am off to clean up the house as the computer is being slow and really giving me the s.h.i.t.s!!

Oh and shame on channel 9 for taking Days of our Lives off the air.  Its bad enough they got rid of The Young and the Restless but now DOOL.  Not happy Jan.  Won't someone think of the Nana's.  Not that I watch it religiously but once in a blue moon I like to pop it on and see that nothing has changed in a month!!  Why could they not put it on one of their other channels??

Linking up with Essentially Jess for ibot!!  Hopefully I will be able to catch up on some ibot reading over the weekend!!  But if you have disqis I cannot commet as my browser is too old!!


  1. What!!!!! When did they take off DOOL? I had no idea. I'm like you, I don't watch it religiously but it is nice to tune in every now and again and see the latest plastic surgery and know that some things. Aide from faces, never change! Lol!

  2. We haven't watched Sesame Street in this household yet. Is it any good? (You know... for a children's show.)

  3. Oh I know what you mean about Disqus - I was the same until I got a new computer at the end of last year.

    It's been a few years now since I watched Sesame St - my kids are almost 19 & 16!

  4. We don't watch Sesame Street a huge amount, but enough to know who everyone is. My girls are all big on Play School. At 4:30pm every day, it's on!

  5. My kids LOVE SS - as do I - it's bloody hilarious! And they have some great talent! Nothing worse than a S.L.O.W computer - Grr.
    Have a great week Ann - Em x

  6. Boo to slow computers and big yay for the wonders of Sesame Street and the like. Hope you have a fantstic rest of the week lovely, filled with fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  7. I remember when my mum was so into days of our lives and that other one. I never liked it. Hope your computer stops being a shit tomorrow.

  8. What? No DOOL? That's terrible! It was the one show that you could always count on being able to work out what was going on.
    Thank God we still have Sesame Street


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