Friday, 13 July 2012

FFS FRIDAY 13/7/12

Dear Baby G

Friday again FFS

We have had a very quiet week here, boring actually.  FFS

Minimal tantrums and 3 full nights sleep. I am still tired.  FFS

My major gripes with the world are these

  1. 2 stupid articles in the sunday paper, one about how by the age of 6 most kids will be sleeping through the night.  4 and a half years to go. FFS.
  2. The other article was how toddlers benefit from being talked to, read to and sung to for at least an hour a day.  Two ways to look at that, the first is SERIOUSLY NO SHIT SHERLOCK, the other is why do I bother for the other 11 or so hours everyday.  FFS
  3. The tour de freaking france is still going.  FFS
  4. Why is every man and their dog pregnant or just had a baby and why are both my children obsessed with tiny babies.  FFS
  5. Even the HOTH jumped on the baby bandwagon the other day when he spent too much time alone driving around for work.  FFS
  6. He came home to a majorly bad witching hour and soon changed his mind. He also thinks as I had a fairly easy time of childbirth that a third time would be a breeze.  FFS
  7. My angelic cherubs ate all their dinner on wednesday night, sausages and 2 minute noodles.  I am having a hard time deciding what to wear when I am presented with my mother of the year award.  FFS
  8. I officially give up trying to cook.  FFS
  9. The ipad is still a hot topic of FFS.  I dont care how good it is.  FFS
  10. In the mean time I am using my busted ass laptop which is slowly every day deciding it does not like working.  This post has taken me an hour.FFS.
Thats it for today before I chuck this computer out the window.
Thanks again

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