Friday, 13 February 2015

Things I know #47- Goon bags

Massive technical problems this morning, massive.

Apparently the lappy needs to update itself.and has been doing so for the last 30 minutes

I knew I should have finished this last night!

Stupid technology!!

I hope your week has been less annoying than mine!!

I will add the linky once the computer decides to work!!


At school bus time it still had more to update but now approximately 7 hours later it is now functioning again!!

I had to go out hence only getting back to this now!!

Song of the week goes to this catchy number in honour of the 50th anniversary of the goon bag/cask wine/ box wine being invented!!

As someone who may have had my fair share of the box of magic I would like to congratulate the inventor and thank him for providing such a vital service!!


I absolutely swear #tik will be up at 6am next Friday, rain hail, shine or updating computers!!


  1. That happened to me yesterday - took 4 and half hours! I feel for you!

  2. Frustrating. That Murphy is an arse with his law and all. I hope you have a fab weekend xx :)

  3. If only it would ask permission before going on an update strike. So frustrating!

  4. Mine always stuffs up on the morning of my linky too. I swear they know!

  5. I hope it updates soon for you Ann - nothing worse than technical difficulties on a morning when you need the technology the most!

  6. Bleh! Know all about below-par equipment. I am currently blogging across two PCs and my iphone. Buying myself a brand new MacBook shortly. Can't wait for the day! No more PC crap for this blogger! Glad you got it kind of sorted then!

  7. It's my brain that usually malfunctions when I can't remember what day it is and forget to post :) xo

  8. I'm having a crappier week than last week. I'm feeling rather battered and bruised. Rather than bring the issues to the blog and call a few people out on their appalling online behaviour, I'm keeping things light and have linked up my LBD challenge as it features a few things I know about Valentine's Day and my marriage of almost 20 years.

    I need to update my laptop as well and I'm not game.

  9. What is it with technology - my phone keeps virus scanning and telling me I have a 'threat' but then won't tell me what it is - my PC keeps updating without even asking me if I have anything I need to do first and my laptop's on a go slow - I'd do better with a slate and chalk some days!

  10. Nothing worse than the bloody computer needing an update when you need the computer!!!

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