Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter curiosity!!

A bit of an over to you guys post today.  I am curious as to what you all do at Easter??  Like do you have a family get together, decorate your house etc.

We don't do a lot around here.  Years ago we used to go away but the weather is always shockingly bad at Easter, then when I was working I used to work all the public holidays.  Then we had kids and I can't really remember what we have done!!  Last year we were interstate and we will be again next year,  This year the HOTH is taking the kids to a car thing on Good Friday (Fryday its called!!  I have no idea why kindy kids teacher thinks we are redneck revheads!!)  Saturday we are going to go to an egg hunt in our town and then I am not sure the other two days.  I always like Easter as it means we have the HOTH home for four whole days!!

Apparently the Easter bunny will be making an appearance on Sunday and leaving eggs for the kids although I have tried this before and had to lock the dogs inside and rush around hiding things!!  I can always put them out the front where the dogs can't reach them!!

The Easter bunny generally leaves an egg with a toy or egg cup, you know the packs I am talking about!!  Some winter pjs and a couple of other things.  This year he sourced some cheap Sharkies (Cronulla Sharks) singlets which turns out are summer pjs, a dvd each, an egg with a mug and an egg with an egg cup for the baby!!  Now it looks like I will have to buy some over priced eggs for an egg hunt as well!!

The first Easter we had with Kindy Kid we had just brought him home from hospital and the HOTH spent Good Friday re roofing part of our house!!  Then on the Saturday we had to make an emergency trip to Bunnings to buy a tap or something as the washing machine had crapped itself!!  We ended up needing a whole new washing machine!!

I still remember the Easter about 10 years ago when we went camping with friends and it rained the entire time we were away!!  Good times though!!

So over to you guys, I really would like to know what you guys do!!

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  1. We spend it at the farm (even before we lived in the country) and my hubs family all visit (next door) in for a festival of food . Now we live here we have to wait to be invited :(
    We also go to Church to celebrate our faith and the risen Lord , have yabby races (catch and release mostly) and Easter egg hunt.

  2. Geez the Easter bunny is good sort at your house. We just used to give chocolate and stuff but now we have kids they get a toy and less chocolate. Oh and the famous Easter egg hunt, it's our thing. Love the first egg photo :) x

  3. This year will be Zee's first Easter and I have just gotten both her and Punky a little chocolate bunny (which Mummy will kindly eat for Zee!) and I've bought some small eggs to do a little hunt for Punky. I am also going to get Punky a couple of new books (she got a cheap magna-doodle last year) and try to find a sweet First Easter bunny-toy for Zee.

    On Good Friday we go to my Mum's for lunch and/or dinner and generally spend the afternoon/evening eating and playing cards and drinking port. Easter Sunday we normally go to my Dad's family but with my step-Pop back in hospital and Dad in the US for work I don't think that will happen so we will probably go and visit Dave's family as his Great Uncle will be down for the weekend.

  4. We just laze around the house. We were going to go away this year but Paul decided against it. Dyllan is out at my parents place until Saturday so we'll probably just have a lazy Good Friday with some yummy seafood.

  5. We were hoping to go camping, but it's not going to happen this year sadly.
    Will just do some day trips to the beach and stuff.

    Also loving the new site look. Very bright and happy

  6. Generally I spend most of Easter working. It's just my busy time of year and I can't lose so many days or there'll be bodybuilders all around Australia going on stage naked.

  7. I am planning on doing a whole lot of nothing!! oh wait... I have an optometrist appointment on Saturday - does that count??

  8. Mostly I had a crap day today(gd friday). I went to mum and dads for lunch, which was good. I made lunch, put together a bbq, no really, bolted and screwed a bbq together while hubby was a pain in the arse. Mum came home from a week away that very day, was tired, I was tired!! Soldiered on, thank goodness for #100happydays. It made me appreciate me and the girls watched Wizard of Oz that morning and I was happy :)

  9. Hope you had a great day. We do not do anything except gorge on chocolate.


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