Monday, 20 January 2014

One of those days!!

Somedays you have to laugh.  I am laughing right now as "one of those days" which started at 345am is escalating by the minute!!  A screaming unhappy baby, burnt toast which is still stinking the house out, a 3 year old who wanted to get his own cereal resulting in the dogs scoring breakie as well, the list is going on and on!!

Lets hope the afternoon is an improvement, lets face it it can't get much worse!!  

Linking up this little disaster with One Mother Hen for Open Slather!!


  1. I also hope it gets better - maybe you want to swop places today ? Happy to oblige if it will help you !!
    Thinking of you and your chaos !

  2. Dogs really are man's (or mother's) best friend. Helping out around the house. I just hope that the extra carbs don't result in doggy flatulence a few hours down the track.

  3. At least you have on hand automatic vacuum cleaners xxx

  4. I hope your day did improve! I miss my doggy vacuum cleaner. Saw the cutest SMALL dog puppies yesterday, so tempting ;)

  5. Some days you've got to laugh or else you'll cry!


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