Friday, 30 August 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I know- 4 weeks

Baby Speedy is 4 weeks old today. FFS

I have no idea where that time has gone. FFS

I have already had to upsize the nappies last week as he is growing at a very speedy rate. FFS

I was hoping the last baby would stay small for just a little bit longer. FFS

He is such a little angel, even if he refuses to sleep in his bedroom. FFS

Life is busy, crazy busy but good at the moment.

Ask me this time next week when I have solo parented for nearly a week. FFS

Now for my gripes of the week-

If you are driving and see an ambulance coming up behind you with its lights and sirens on MOVE OVER NUMBSKULLS and let it pass. FFS

I have found my dream career which is tv programmer as I am sure I can do a better job than the tools who do it now. FFS

Mother Nature seems to be slightly confused and thinks it is already summer. Twice this week I have had to pull out the trusty thongs as it is so warm here. FFS

I also find it annoying that I don't have much to gripe about. FFS

Except that my blog is still broken and not playing nice. FFS

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  1. My last baby seemed to grow the quickest as well. I tried to convince myself that maybe things were just being made smaller now. Sending some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way lovely Ann

  2. I just said to my youngest, and last, today, "what have you done with my baby?!" He laughed and said, "Mum, I AM that baby but I'm big now". Damn it goes TOO fast.

  3. Wow that has flown by - and yes those idiots who won't pull over annoy also! Sucks blog is broken! I'm sick of whinging sick kids - it's they way they dragggg outtt everthinggg they saayy - ARGH xx

  4. Oh fast growing last babies annoy me! My baby is 8 now, and decided to slow down growing AFTER the baby stage! Seriously, how dare he?!

    I'm with you on the morons not moving over. I watch a fire engine try for a good 3 minutes get past a bloke who just wouldn't move over the other day. Seriously?! *sigh*

    Hope your day today is FABULOUS though! Bottle some of that squishy newborn smell for me, it's the most gorgeous smell in the world :)

    MC x


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