Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Back in the day and come back Richie

The topic over at The Lounge this week is all about being a teenager which is hilarious as I spent time looking back on school days etc with friends last Saturday!! Which led me to the tube and finding videos from "back in the day"!! I have had a great morning with the music cranking although the fun is over as I am being whinged at by 2 kids who do not appreciate good music and would rather watch Lazytown!! At least baby Speedy did not mind the music!!

Now on to the most disturbing thing I have heard in a while which is that Richie Sambora has quit Bon Jovi for good. To him I simply say this- You have 110 days (yes I am counting!!) until I live the dream and see Bon Jovi live put your big girl undies on and rejoin the band or I will be extremely peed off. There is no Bon Jovi without you. You rock. That is all. Below is a prime example of why you are needed. It really just is not the same.

That is all from me today. Time is up and once again my blog is playing extreme silly buggers and is driving me nuts!!

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  1. I love looking at old film clips from my youth! Last week it was 90s week in the max music channel on foxtel and Dave and I were I heaven! And thankfully Punky is still young enough to be happy to dance to any music we have on!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  2. Born Slippery - WINNER! Love these and Glycerine will ALWAYS be one of my favourite sad songs, love the violins. Hope you and your three doing great x

  3. I hope that he decides to put his big boy panties on and step up for you!

  4. I hope he joins the party just for you. I don't really care much for Bon Jovi though not my type of music.


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