Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Image of May&Belle ~ALWAYS~ Tram Scroll Print

Week 3 is all about a mission statement.  I did not have to think too hard about this one as I know what mine is. I fell in love with this picture months ago and knew it was exactly what I wanted for our new house. I have brought it ready to be the first thing I put in the house.  There is a couple of different ones that I will buy when I find/remember where I saw them.  One is just for boys and the other is one for mums.  This picture is basically everything I wish for my boys and its also a great reminder for adults too.  Imagine living in a world where everyone followed what the picture says?

As far as a "mission statement" I feel my kids are too little at the moment to fully understand but it is something I would look at in the future. 

ps the pictue came from here!!

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  1. Just catching up on your older post - glad to see you back for week 6! - i love this print and think it is a good base for a mission statement!

    deb @ home life simplified


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