Thursday, 19 January 2012

52 week challenge- WEEK 2

Week 2 into the 52 week challenge and after last weeks easy challenge this one had my brain in overdrive.   I could not get my head around it until i had an Oprah "lightbulb moment"  This is not a test, there is no right or wrong answers and the only person it matters too is me. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!  I know I am totally slow on the uptake!!!!!!  Anyway 11 days after the challenge was issued here are my answers!!! 

Initially I was going to say I value my family but I more than value them.  They are my world and life.  To clarify when I say family I mean my "nuclear family" thats my 2 babies and the HOTH. 
 I decided my VALUES are things i want to teach my boys as they grow

After I established these little facts in my own head it became a bit easier.

  1. RESPECT   
 RESPECT; yourself, your brother, mother, father, friends, extended family, home, possessions.
HARDWORK and LEARNING;  both these things lead to the next value PLAY/FUN. 
UNIQUENESS; be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are.

Week 2 done!!

3 years of basically only reading kids books (some without words) has turned my once clever brain into mush!!  Don't get me wrong I am glad both my boys LOVE reading and I am glad that I am able to give them that gift but it has seriously played havoc with my ability to read and write!! 


  1. i had a bit of a giggle at your disclaimer ps, however, i really liked how you got to find your values, being what you wanted to teach your boys!

  2. I really like your view of uniqueness. Be yourself and never be ashamed of who you are - such a great way of thinking about it.

  3. I struggled this week as well Ann, I ended up writing it out manually then culling it back cause it was over 2000 words, oops :) Great job!!! I best get started on my "homework" for Week 3 as I am finding it's taking me nearly the whole week to complete in the snippets of time that I get

  4. Hi, The challenge was a tough one and I too struggled for me it was what are my values and how they differ from what I value. I love your post and how you described your values. Writing doesn't need to be complicated with words that have too many syllabuls. Its all about the message not how you say it. I look forward to reading your next challenge.
    shine on in 2012 :)


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