Friday, 30 January 2015

Things I Know #45- Not much again!!

This week I know there are two somgs of the week.

I also know how beneficial music is to my little world!!

That is all I know this week!!

I am sure next week I will know lots of things!!


  1. Music is very beneficial to the world, I concur!

  2. Some days I'm pretty sure I dont know much either :)

  3. Thanks - I wanted to know who sang that second song. It's been an ear worm a couple of times this week.

  4. OMG - Hold back the river...Best! It's my new favorite song of the moment, until I out wear it's welcome by listening to it over, & over, & over.
    If this is all you know this week, it's the best thing to know ;-)

  5. Hahaha - I'm also in the don't know much this week corner. Back to school has been rather trying and exhausting - but hoping to find my feet from Monday when everything goes back to normal! Have a great weekend Ann x


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