Friday, 7 November 2014

Things I Know #32- Quotes of the week

Photo: So true!

Never a truer meme!!  I went to the shops on Sunday and I swear I heard the end of a carol as I walked into the supermarket!!  Then today there was full blown carols being played everywhere.  This is one of my least favourite yet it is played all the time!!

 I saw this quote the other day and love it.  So very very true.

 This is something I have been focussing on a great deal this week.

 This one too.

 This one just makes me laugh!!  It is also true!!


  1. Loving all your quotes this week...

  2. I have hubby home for just over 48 hours before he heads back to sea but he is at work for most of it. I know I'm over it. I just want him home and to spend some decent time with him. Right now he is sleeping and I'm doing my best to be super noisy and wake him. I'm also considering announcing it's drag your wife to work day just so we have a bit more time together.

  3. Bam indeed! Christmas is right on top of Halloween. This year I photographed my Son in a spooky costume for Halloween which he topped off with a Santa hat! Major confusion there.

  4. There are some great quotes there - thanks for sharing !
    Me xox

  5. Ha ha. I like the pigeon one. I hope it's not my day to be the statue.

  6. The first quote is so true and the last one made me laugh too. I love a good quote, I waste so much time trawling the net looking for them lol.

  7. I found myself bopping alone to a Christmas Carol in the supermarket last night without even realising I was doing it!

  8. Hope it's ok, I've popped back to think up today's post. I had a number of slap to the face revelations this week.


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