Friday, 18 April 2014

Things I Know #3- school holidays week 1

Friday again, I am seriously losing track of time!!  In fact I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday!!

So what do I know this week??

The Bad Stuff

  • School holidays started early last Friday as it turns out was take your child home from school after the Easter hat parade.  Half an hour after we got home I was mega tempted to take him back!!
  • Week 1 of the holidays has not been too bad.  Why??  Because the 2 big ones have been sick.  The start of the week was very quiet, lots of abc4kids and our much loved Planes dvd on high rotation.  My only complaint is why abc4kids insists on playing this bloody Jessica Mauboy Sesame Street song every 5 minutes.  I saw a quote that said if you hear a song repeatedly it is the universe trying to tell you something.  Tell me universe what message comes from this song??  Seriously what does 1,2,3,4,5 kangaroos hop hop hop hop tell me!!

  • In other complaints, I went to the supermarket on Wednesday and was forced to buy over priced Easter eggs.  Why??  Because our local supermarket had about 3 bags left and I needed them.  What kind of supermarket sells out of eggs 5 days before Easter??  After purchasing the overpriced bags of mini eggs I ended up doing an online grocery shop and could have got the same eggs for half the price.  It also means that on Monday there will not be any half priced eggs as they are all gone.
  • The dogs stolen food tally this week is quite small.  Just a whole loaf each of bread and raisin bread.  I swear they have a set of keys as I had the doors locked.

The Good Stuff

  • I am loving my blog makeover!!  Thanks to everyone who has given me such positive comments about it.  I am stoked with it!!
  • The Easter Hat parade was cute.  Next year I will get there at least an hour before so I can actually see!!  Another first for me is going to an egg hunt in our town!!  
  • A week of school holidays has made me realise just how full on term 1 was for all of us!!  
  • I also managed to put the hair colour in that I bought ages ago.  Loving my black hair!!
  • I am loving the 4 day weekend, we are busy Friday and Saturday and kicking back the other 2 days.
  • The kids are nearly all better although the baby has a little cough.  I am beyond pleased they are sick this week and not next week when we head off on holidays!!
Yep a week of holidays is calling my name, just next week to get through!!  #tik will still be here!!  So many exciting things this week!!'

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter.  Enjoy!!  Feel free to link up anything you know!!


  1. That is not cool about the Easter eggs, someone forgot to order more me thinks! We're nearing the end of our holidays and it sucks, we should have it like everyone else, because they go back on Tuesday and then have Friday off for ANZAC day, anyhow that's my moan. Thanks for linky :)

  2. Good luck for the remainder of the holidays! I go back to work next week but thank goodness it's only a 3 day work week - yay!

  3. I refuse to buy overpriced Easter eggs (or anything really) anymore!! Our nearest major shopping destination is an hour away, I worked out that by driving there and doing all the shopping each week I save more than the cost of fuel to get there (they have an Aldi!!) so I did my egg shopping at the discount lollie shop while I was there. Overpriced anything can bite me!
    Good luck with the remainder of holidays. Miss 5 goes back Tuesday (Victorian school holidays) and I'm doing happy dances at the thought!

  4. I hate to say it, but I love that Kanagaroo song! So does Punky, we've even been watching it on YouTube!

  5. i'm sick of seeing the kangaroo song. a little overplayed i feel.
    Sorry for the late arrival. xx

    1. Thank you for linking in for Sunday Brunch again this week xx

  6. Obviously when I have thought I haveABC2 on too much, I haven't, because I haven't even seen the Jess Mauboy song!
    Have a fab easter Ann xx
    Yay for getting to use your hair dye, I bought some ages ago, but it's still in the bathroom drawer!

  7. Clearly I don't watch enough ABC4Kids any more because I have not heard that song before. Having now listened to it once I do kinda like it, but I can see how it would wear a bit thin. Hope you have a wonderful Easter lovely and thanks for hosting

  8. Were they really almost out of eggs? Or is it a ploy by management to be able to sell over-priced eggs right up till Easter Sunday? The paranoid part of me suspects that they have a huge stash out the back that they're bringing out piecemeal to make it look like they have a limited supply.

  9. Oh that song is so over played!! You know I ha=d the same thing at our local shops, no Easter eggs 4 days before Easter, I've never experienced that before! What was the online shop with the half priced eggs?
    Thanks for sharing & linking up for Brunch with Mums Take Five (Nic)

  10. I cannot believe the shop ran out of eggs!! Seriously - our woolies is ridiculously overstocked.

  11. I'm thankfully yet to have experienced the dreaded Jessica Mauboy song, but I'm sure it won't be long. The 1st week of the holidays has been tough so no doubt the 2nd will bring much more tv times ahead. Good luck!
    Visiting from Mums Take Five Sunday Brunch. xx

  12. No Blog is totally fab!! Hope you had a great Easter ! Well done on dying you hair i have been trying to do that also it definitely is hard to fit in amongst the chaos.

  13. Ehh that was New Blog is fab.


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