Friday, 26 February 2016

Things I Know #89= Heat wave

Mother Nature has given us one last (hopefully) blast of summer this week.

Hot days I can do.

Hot nights can go jump.


I am a walking zombie this week thanks to it being way too hot to get a decent nights sleep.

Bring on autumn next week!!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Things I Know #88- Carpool Karaoke

Carpool karaoke is my new favourite thing.

I am loving it!!

It speaks to me so much as I am always singing and slightly dancing in the car!!

Have a fab weekend, I am off for a belly laughing catch up with good friends!!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Things I Know #87- ain't nobody perfect

I know lots lately.  Mainly I know I have missed parts of the online world.  I really hope I am back now after a very extended break.

This week my post is inspired by a certain event that happened yesterday.

So to the lady in the small car who felt it necessary to honk the horn and gesture at me because i was putting year 2 kid's seat belt on and the door was slightly open onto the road i say this - AIN'T NOBODY PERFECT!

While I would have loved to quote Justin Bieber  (disclaimer i am not a belieber i just happen to, although i hate to admit it, like this particular song) and tell you to "go and love yourself " I choose not too.

Ain't nobody perfect has definitely become a fave phrase of mine.  Maybe a few people could do with hearing it.  Like the delightful lady yesterday.

Yes the car door swung open onto the road more than it should have (I was parked on a hill and it was windy), but speeding in a school zone is in fact a crime and had the delightful lady been doing the speed limit we wouldn't be having this conversation.  What do you know-  AIN'T NOBODY PERFECT.

Sermon over for this week!!  Can I get an AMEN!!

Ps may we all please think nice thoughts and send positive vibes to the internet connection goblins!!

Linking up for the first time with With Some Grace for FYBF

Saturday, 6 February 2016

I am here.

I am here.

Ok sort of.

Ok maybe kinda not really but I will be.


Like the second there is just the slightest sliver of time where the planets and moons align and the fates allow for me to spend just the slightest briefest second doing the old tap tap tap on the computer type of  writing thing.

There has to be a sliver soon.

Because change is in the air.  A certain Miss C and myself have some very cool secret squirrel business happening in the near future.  Keep your fingers crossed for some working internet and free time this week!!

In the meantime please take a journey down memory lane with me to a time when rollerskating was the coolest thing ever.  This clip has ignited many a memory from back in the day between friends lately.  I just love this song.

Catch up soon, promise.