Monday, 26 October 2015

Wordless Wednesday- Halloween funnies 2015

I must confess I/we don't do Halloween.

No offense to anyone who does though!!

At this time of the year and in the lead up to xmas I really do not have the mental capacity!!

I do however love all the funny memes that pop up, here are some of my faves from this year-

 Love this one My Little Drummer Boys shared on facebook.

I know this is so politically incorrect but it made me giggle!!

Some inspiration from Mums Take Five!!

 This was last year when then kindy kid (now year 1 kid) got his face painted at the god awful schools carnival thingy!!  

I still have my little friend from last year!!  

This still freaks me out!! One of the best video clips ever though!!  Very strange disclaimer at the start too, kind of a little contridictory!!

Linking up with Kirsty for I must Confess, Alicia my favourite Hen for #openslather and My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday because I am great at multi tasking!!


  1. Lol I hate scary stuff but I love Halloween. It's my sons birthday so we need to be interested as he always is

  2. I'm with you.... I haven't jumped on the bandwagon either!
    Love those funnies, especially the first one (although tongue in cheek it is a very important message!)

  3. Yeah not a fan of Halloween either ... and like you say, there is so much other stuff going on at this time of year in the run up to Christmas, end of school, etc, I don't even want to THINK of anything else!

  4. I don't do Halloween but I'm pretty sure I scared the local kids last year when they tried to trick or treat at our house. I'm calling that a win.

  5. Those memes are great - love the first one in particular. And Thriller! One of my all time fave songs of all time - great choice x

  6. There is so much on to the lead up to Christmas, it almost sends me into a panic attack. We do love going out for Halloween though, we have a very enjoyable night. Love that witch wrapped around the tree, some people are so clever.

  7. I love the halloween funnies. I'd love to make the witch just to amuse the kids on the bus.

  8. LOVE them. I love the trick or treat food allergy one as I'm coeliac and have a friend whose son is dairy allergic so can't eat chocolate.... so I can very much relate!

  9. That first image is a good reminder in general isn't it!


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