Thursday, 29 October 2015

Things I Know #82- 2x2=4

 Bloody awesome idea, take note all schools everywhere!!  Year 1 maths is hard!!  Those pesky 2 time tables!!

 Sleep, sweet sweet sleep!!  What I wouldn't give for sleep.  The blissful uninterrupted restful sleep in until some sinful time like 9am, sleep!!

Yes, yes it is!!

I am so on to you WSFM 101.7 and your cropping of songs.  Walking in Memphis was a prime example today.  Cut it out, just play the whole damn song.
Gawd I miss the cd player in my car, without it I am turning into a cranky old woman!!

Bonus song of the week from way back in 1994!! "We could go to Mexico. You the cat and me."  Best song lyrics ever!!

Bonus quote for this week is one I am living by!!

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  1. I love that last quote. I will think about it when I'm having breakfast with men who aren't my husband and messaging men who aren't my husband and meeting men who aren't my husband in the pre-dawn hours. All innocently of course.


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