Friday, 16 October 2015

Things I Know #80- Sailing

 Thanks to Née Say for sharing this picture which sums me up completely!!

The online world exploded again last night, funnily enough I witnessed the start of it (quite literally because I did not have control of the remote) and really wish I was in the dark.  No idea what I am talking about?  Good for you, if you do know what I am talking about isn't it a crap situation for all involved.

So here is a funny thing because there is too much crap in life.
I love when World of Puns pops up in my newsfeed.

Lastly song of the week is some good old fashioned Rod.  While driving in the car yesterday I cracked up when I looked in the rear vision mirror and the boys were all swaying to this song!! I love how they love a broad range of music!!

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  1. Oh I love that first cartoon...I tried not reading or listening to the news for a week last was hard but at the same time, good for my mental health! The world seems so depressing nowadays.

  2. I also love the first cartoon...I SO relate. I used to be an avid news reader and unfortunately I would choose to read it right before bed which did not make for a peaceful sleep. I have read that even using social media before bed causes stress and restless nights, something I find in my own experience to be true. I am not sure what happened but I have the feeling that's ok. :) May your day today be beautiful and peaceful!


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