Friday, 25 September 2015

Things I Know #77- Kicking it old school

Shout out to Mother Nature who has given us an icy wintry cold snap this week.  I swear it wasn't this cold in winter!!

The crap raining and windy  weather has been a blessing really.  It has forced a bit of rest time.  We have watched The Block 28 times a day, the kids have watched some dvds, there has been lots of lego building, some reading and some dancing to old school tunes.

Cut 'N' Move, 1993, where did the last 22 years go!!

Guess what dvds we have been watching!!

All in all week 1 of the holidays has not sucked!!


  1. Is it sad that I have most of those songs on my iPhone to this day? I'm a sad 90s tragic!!!!!!

  2. Great tunes! Looking forward to some outdoorsy time when the weather clears up!

  3. Break My Stride makes me want to start marching around my bedroom where I'm currently lazing on my bed loving these school holidays!

  4. Anything that delays the start of summer is just fine by me. Might be hard to know how to dress some days but it's not hot yet so I'm happy.

  5. Love me a bit of old skool - I love that Gina G song, I'll probably be singing it all day now! Hope the weather warms up soon, it's more like winter than spring. Didn't Mother Nature get the memo?!


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