Friday, 18 September 2015

Things I Know #76- P.I.T.A

If you are like me and it takes you a few minutes to work out exactly what P.I.T.A is I will help you out with my P.I.T.As this week

  • Mother Nature, rain for the next week.  Really, the first week of school holidays??  Lift your game.
  • The three small humans who I gave birth to.  Massive P.I.T.As this week.  
  • People on the internet.  Not all people but a very large majority.  I firmly believe you should have a licence to use any kind of social media.
  •  Australian politics, enough said.
  • The broken cd player in my car, the bloody thing won't spit the cd out and won't play the one stuck in there.  This means I am stuck listening to the oldies channels constantly.  This is an issue because some of the music on the oldies stations is in fact not that old!!  
Which brings me to song of the week as chosen by a very funky 2 year old who for the last few days walks around singing go go go go.

Have a great weekend guys.

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  1. I'm been so completely slack in the blog hopping/reading and commenting department lately. Actually I've been rather slack offline as well. Struggling more than I should be with hubby away at sea.

    I've linked up my Perth Fashion Festival post, it explains why this is my last year covering the event and why I only put my hand up for one show this year. I suppose I now know my limits. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I loved how you used PITA in the title of the post Ann! I think it's going to be your new favourite term, isn't it???


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