Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hellooooo Spring- Mortein review and Giveaway

You can WIN this awesome pack of products!!

Lucky me got another cool package in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I am excited to say that one lucky entrant can win this exact collection as pictured here!!

Without a doubt this is my absolute favourite time of year.  We have already had some gorgeous warm spring days and the forecast is for more of the same for the next week at least!!  I just love slow lazy warm days where we kick back and just relax.  I also only love daylight savings for the longer more chilled out nights, I definitely do not love it when it is still light at 8pm and the kids refuse to go to bed!!

It has been nearly 3 years since we moved into our knocked down rebuilt house.  Our house is smaller compared to most houses being built now but that was fine for us as we still wanted a backyard and so a compromise of sorts was reached with the necessary inclusion of a covered outdoor area.

I love our outdoor area, this year though I plan on making it a real outdoor room.  We have out there at the moment just a bbq and outdoor setting.  I really want to jazz it up a little, maybe with an outdoor lounge and some wall art.

We spend a great deal of time out there in the warmer months, it is nice and sunny in the morning and then when the heat of the day barrels the front of the house it is a great cool spot to hang out out of the heat.

There is one major problem with my little outdoor nook.  Farkin FLIES.  When the old place was standing we never had an issue but now it is deadset fly central.  I don't know whether the flies are loving the new bricks rather than the old asbestos but has driven me nuts for 3 years now.  The second the temperature gets even slightly warm the flies appear and do not leave.

I guess nothing says #straya like eating with one hand and batting flies off the food with the other but I may have found a solution.


I am going to pop this on the wall and switch it on whenever we have food out!!  Sounds a little too good to be true but after trying a lot of other tactics I am hoping this will be the answer to eating a meal with two hands!!

Bring on the October long weekend and the spring cleaning and set up of the outdoor area which is when I will be trialling this system!!

The other problem with flies in my outdoor area is that because we have a sliding door out to it which no one in my house can keep shut those pesky creatures just come on in to the house and buzz around like they own the joint.

This is where the MORTEIN NATURGARD FLY & MOSQUITO KILLER ODOURLESS spray can comes in very handy.  This was and has become again a feature on my kitchen bench.  I can assure you it works.  I love the odour freeness of it!!  Any fly stupid enough to fly in my house will be subject to a quick spray of this!!


The other insect I despise as much as flies is FLEAS and they are the one downside to pet ownership.  The first flea of the season was spotted last weekend (I have no idea why they love to bite me and no one else!!) and I have every intention of bombing the absolute crap out of my house just as soon as I can find a couple of hours when we are not home!!  I may be forced to head out for breakfast/brunch or something on Sunday morning just so we are all out of the house!!

Now for the fun part!!  I have 1 pack of these products to giveaway to one lucky person to try for themselves!!

To win a pack with all 3 of these products you simply need to give me your 

favourite spring time recipe 

Either leave a comment here or head over to the Help!! I'm Stuck!! facebook page and leave a comment on the pinned post at the top.  I have a mystery judge who has been enlisted to pick a winner!!  This is only open to Australian residents (sorry overseas readers!!).  Entries open 12pm 15/9/15 and close at 10am 29/9/15.  Winner will be contacted by email or facebook so make sure I can get in contact with you!!

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  1. Mozzies are my worst enemy - and they just LOVE me, being near the coast we get a lot of them. I do remember how prolific the flies were though when we were travelling the outback on our caravan holiday many years ago. Miss 18 and I both wore lots of braids to swish the flies away (Bo Derek eat your heart out!)

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  2. It's cockroaches and ants that are the bane of my existence. But rest assured I always check my cake tins for evidence of their presence before I put the batter in.

  3. My poor dog has been suffering with fleas for ages. We can't seem to get rid of them from him :(
    I'm keeping a wary eye out for spiders. Hoping none show up any time soon. Or ever.

  4. Our cat is having a terrible time with fleas at the moment. He is actually the neighbours cat that has someone decided he prefers our house to theirs. It's making treatment difficult.


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