Monday, 14 September 2015

A tale of bright green snot, jumping on bandwagons and tedious life.

Dettol hand sanitiser, no touch soup dispenser, bathroom cleaner and rapid foam.

About a month ago I received a pack of goodies in the mail from Dettol

I must confess I was a little excited by these products.  This is because I am quite the sad, boring person who finds new cleaning products a real joy.

Although I have actually been on the hand sanitiser bandwagon for over 10 years.  

You see before my delightful angelic children came along I worked in Home care and a container of sanitiser was an absolute must have in my work bag.  I had never even heard of it before I started working for Home care but fell in love with it and have continued my love affair ever since!!

When year 1 kid came along 5 weeks early I was an absolute hand washing followed by sanitising tyrant to anyone who came to visit him in the special care nursery in hospital.  Roughly when he was born was when hospitals introduced the bottles of sanitiser throughout the hospital for everyone to use, now I have noticed tonnes of people/businesses jumping on the bandwagon and you can find this stuff everywhere.  I wish it was readily available in schools #justsayin!!

Personally I have always had a bottle of liquid gold in every nappy bag I have owned plus you will find a bottle in my car and also throughout my house in the kitchen, bathroom, change table etc.  It is one must have with kids.

I was a little peeved to discover the HOTH did not in fact have a bottle in his car.  This was discovered when we went on a family outing and took his car and I did a bag swap.  I remembered the nappies and wipes but in my haste to get out the door neglected the most essential item!!

Typically for us an extremely gross nappy required changing in the front seat of the car, which should be considered  an Olympic sport with a wriggling 2 year old, after winning the gold medal for not only getting this feat done but without any mess I was mega cranky to not be able to complete my routine and sanitise the crap out of my hands!!  Needless to say he now has a bottle stashed in his car for the next time, because we all know it will in fact happen again!!

Hand Sanitiser, jump on the bandwagon people!!  If you do click on the link you will discover there are many different types of the Dettol sanitiser.  I will be trying to source some of them as they sound great and our local supermarket only stocks the original one!!

This brings me to the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System

A couple of weeks ago I said something stupid out loud.  The stupid thing was and I am going to quote myself- "we have been really healthy over winter and not had any sickness at all"

Two days later I was in the midst of the great snot debacle.

I kid you not.  There was more snot coming out of children than could be humanly possible.  Not just snot but bright green like a fluorescent highlighter had been shoved up the nose!!

It was my job to chase the snot bucket around for over a week constantly wiping its nose.  When I say constantly I am not over exaggerating!!

After each nose wipe it was a requirement to wash my hands because even the thickest tissue was not able to contain the shear amount of green toxic slime!!  (Gross I know!!)

I am eternally grateful that I had access to the no touchy soap thingy during this traumatic time!! Total lifesaver, put your hand under the sensor, the soap squirts out and Bob is indeed your uncle!!

It has been a bit of a novelty item for the kids too, they have had a lot of fun washing their hands lately!!  It was all fun and games until they started filling different things with the soap.  After I washed my own mouth out with soap and cordial I had to ban them from using it unsupervised!!

Lastly I trialled the Healthy Clean Bathroom Rapid Foam and Healthy Clean Bathroom Trigger.  

As I mentioned I do love a new product in the cleaning aisle!!  I really need to get out more, I know!!

I loved the foam, it was so easy to use and did the job of cleaning a quite neglected shower really easily.  I squirted it on, attacked the rest of the bathroom with the trigger then went back and gave the shower a bit of a scrub and rinsed it.  (Just a handy hint- a shower head on a hose is a must have!!  They are not the prettiest things but make cleaning showers so damn easy!!)

I was really pleased with the results and the very little actual effort it took to get them!!  I also love the smell of the foam and trigger.  Nothing beats a nice smelling cleaner!!  (yep I really am that sad!!)

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for when these products are on spesh and grabbing some more.  (This is only because I am a bit of a tight wad and don't buy anything unless it is on spesh!!)

Overall I would have to say I am more than happy to give all four of these products a great big gold star and a friendly recommendation!!

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  1. I wish the hand sanitiser and foaming hand washes had been around when my kids were tiny - I washed my hands so much I ended up with terrible dermatitis!

  2. Yeah that stuff is a godsend for nappy changing situations. It always grosses me out to see some one change a nappy then not wash their hands!

  3. I love the automatic hand sanitiser but my kids kept putting their hands under it and wasted all the soap..argh #openslather

  4. I'm actually anti-hand sanitiser. Please don't hate me. I'm all for bacteria being a normal and healthy part of life and I'm concerned about the effects of over-cleanliness in relation to auto-immune diseases. But I will use it if I'm travelling. I'm sure it saved me from a nasty bout of the trots in Thailand.

  5. I've got to get me some of the no-touch sanitiser - thinking that would be a fantastic addition to the health of my home!

  6. I always have some hand sanitiser handy, especially when we are out of the house. A godsend if we come across a dinky di town with a basic public toilet. There are countless times when I have changed a nappy on the car seat and I have been so glad to have hand sanitiser!
    I am not game to get a Dettol sensor, or pump pack in our bathroom. It will be gone in two seconds flat!


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