Friday, 21 August 2015

Things I Know #72- Stop assuming

Things I Know was going to be lighthearted and fun this week.

That was until I found out that indeed year 1 kid had been telling the truth and he was actually performing at assembly yesterday afternoon.  (In my defence he had been saying they were going to be singing their song at each assembly for about a month so I was a little sceptical yesterday!!)

Anyway back to the story- I figured I should suss it out and looked on the school facebook page and there  was the notice tucked a few stories down from the top.

I popped it on our year facebook group and immediately I was being praised as no one had known about it.  (Yes I am a saint!!).  For the record if you don't have a school year facebook group can I suggest you get one, our year group is fantastic!!

So myself and the demonic 2 year old attended assembly, a little late but we were there!!  Year 1 kid did not see me but knew I was there as he could hear his brother!!  W hoops!!

My long winded point is- apparently just putting important info like assembly performance on the schools facey page is perfectly acceptable and it is my/our responsibility to check up on it.

I have to call BS because to me that is not good enough.

Facebook, while it can be a great tool, is NOT the freaking be all and end all.  I happen to know some people who do not have facebook so how would they find info out??  Also it is a common fact that facey picks and chooses to show posts etc so it can be quite easy for them to never sow up on your feed.

Also while I am at it email is also not foolproof.  I know this because I replied to an email on Wednesday, or so I thought, only to get an email yesterday which made me realise that my email had not actually gone through.

Anyhoo the performance was really sweet.  It involved all the year 1 and 2 kids and this song

The even more awesome news is that year 1 kids class is performing again at the next assembly, there is nothing I love more than heading to assembly with the demon child!!

Have a fab week guys!!  Just to be a hypocrite could you all please pop over and like my facebook page!!  Just click the little f at the top there!!  Oh and apologies for not getting around to all the linkers from the last couple of weeks, I promise to visit y 'all this week!!


  1. I used to love that song as a kid....I'm class rep so I'm meant to remind everyone of everything - but I'm a bit random (because I don't read the newsletter as often as I should...but seriously, why send it out at 3pm on a Friday if you want someone to read it???)

  2. Wow things have come a long way since my kids were in primary school. I was still having to fish crumpled notes out of school bags (and running the gauntlet of the manky, week old apple core in the process). There was none of this fancy Facebook stuff.

  3. I thought it was just my school that had issues with communication but it looks as if it's a universal problem. So glad you got there to see him go - nothing makes me more proud than seeing my kids on stage, being an active part of their class x


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