Friday, 31 July 2015

Things I Know #69- Biting the tongue continues

I have nothing nice to say at the moment so I am saying nothing at all!!

How annoyingly catchy are the 2 songs of the week!!  Far out, they have been stuck in my head for ages!!

Have a good one guys!!


  1. What? Are you insane? I LOVE Peanut Butter Jelly (I am apparently a very musically immature 107 year old). I have just got myself Stereosonic tickets to see them! I did inform my friend we would even be older than all the cops there - and really would be the oldest people there by a LONG shot! That's how much I love Galantis! So UP!

    1. Tell me you don't get happy thinking about Sleepless nights in the Chateau....Visualise it!

  2. My kids love that Peanut butter song! It gets stuck in my head so often. Thanks for the link up. Bron x


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