Friday, 17 July 2015

Things I Know #67- #arcticvortex

I have to admit it hasn't been as cold as what was predicted!!  It is bloody freezing but not overly cold.

Apparently we are going to cop some more gale force winds today.  So far it is just raining. Which I am totally over because it more than likely means soccer will be cancelled tomorrow and also I have a brand new washing line and haven't been able to use it yet!!

I had some stern words with Mother Nature yesterday afternoon when it was peeing down right on school pick up.  Thankfully she was listening and turned off the tap just enough for me to do the double pick up!!

Yep school is back for a jam packed term 3.  The school calender is so full with shite this term I am sure there won't be too much learning going on.

I also have to bring myself ro fill out enrollment forms for my soon to be kindy kid.  I am putting it off as long as possible due to being in complete denial about the whole thing.  I can't believe he will be old enough to go to school next year.

That is all I know this week.  Stay warm and dry!!


  1. How exciting, starting kindy! I'm putting in High School forms - where did that go??

  2. There's a bite in the wind today. That arctic vortex is doing exactly what it was supposed to - freezing our butts off. I was out walking this morning and want to applaud the two ladies who were running in singlets. Obviously haven't had a chance to buy weather-appropriate gear yet. Or waiting till the shops are having their sales.

  3. My youngest is heading to kindergarten next year too! And while last weekend's arctic vortex was tame, today's is biting cold - I haven't been this cold in a very long time!

  4. Let's home Mother Nature listens to you! We have too much to do on the weekend for it to rain! :)

  5. Oh gosh - I haven't linked here in ages - so sorry - I completely forgot!! Hope you've been well! I loved The Cure and that snow flakes farting bit is so true this week. (Our heater broke so we're burping them too!)

  6. I know that I missed seeing the snow. I was visiting my friend in MIlthorpe the Friday before. I was so jealous of her snowy pics from last weekend.


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