Friday, 10 July 2015

Things I Know #66- Marky Mark and cold weather memes

While at the  Mum's group dinner last night it was brought to my attention that some people have no idea who in fact Marky Mark or Mark Wahlberg as he is known now is!!

I was so disturbed by this revelation I just had to share this video again!!

Image result for lone survivor poster

 One of the best movies I have ever seen.

In other news

 Image result for cold weather meme  Image result for cold weather meme Image result for cold weather meme

Yep its going to be a cold weekend!!  In winter even!!  How bizarre!!  I love the Patrick Stewart meme just because I am jealous my old chump mobile does not have the technology like everyone else is the world has!!

Stay warm!!


  1. I just love Patrick Stewart. I constantly refer to people no one knows. It's a depressing part of being old....but as Arnie would say, old but not obsolete...;)

  2. I heard that there may even be snow in QLD! Is it wrong that I'm excited??

  3. Who doesn't know about Marky Mark???? I guess they also don;t know about his brother Danny being in NKOTB? God I loved the 90s!!!!

  4. When I think of Marky Mark, I see his Calvin Klein poster in my head... oh my.

  5. We'll see just how cold it gets in Nth Qld! Here's hoping anyway :)

  6. There are people who don't know who Marky Mark is ... I cannot compute ... Stay warm Anne, we are actually enjoying some lovely weather here in England but I feel your pain.

    1. Sorry about the extra E - autotext fail ...


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