Friday, 22 May 2015

Things I Know #59- Still sick

I know nothing this week except I despise sickness.

I also despise people who knowingly spread their germs.

This includes people who knowingly send their children to school with highly contagious diseases.

I am extremely peed off, keep your germs to yourself.

That is all, rant over.

I am really hoping for next week to be the best week ever but I will settle for no more sickness or doctors visits or splashing more cash at the chemist.

In the midst of sickness there has been some bright spots.  My favourite would have to be song of the week which we all love.  The kids love it because it has the  "s"word in it!!  Shut up!!


  1. Get well soon! It sucks when it drags on...I have a bit of that at the moment too (was hoping it would be gone for the weekend, but no!! :(

  2. Get well gals. I do hate it when people knowingly take their germs to work or school. Especially when sickness effects us so terribly.

  3. Sending the healthiest of healthy vibes your way Ann - next week WILL be the best ever!

  4. Argh. Sickness sucks. Get well soon lovely!!! xo


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